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Amy Knox

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$2,040 of $2,000 target.

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Amy Knox


Hi there,
I will be participating in Stadium Stomp 2017, July 30, which entails climbing 5000 stairs within the Gabba for Zephyr Education, my chosen charity, along with a team of co-workers from Sentinel Property Group , "The Sentinel Stompers".

I would love it if you supported my efforts by making a secure donation.

I would also really appreciate it if you could share my page above or comment below so more people know about it. 
Click 'Donate Now' to make a secure online donation. 
Thank you in advance for your support!

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          Zephyr Education Inc

          Domestic violence is at epidemic levels nationally. A drastic consequence, often overlooked, is that the education of the children involved is severely disrupted. Many arrive at shelters with just the clothes they are wearing and without school uniforms, textbooks, stationery and other school essentials. This means they will stand out from the other children at their new school and be more likely to be bullied at a time when it is vital for their self-confidence and continuing education that they fit in.  Zephyr helps these children get back to school as quickly as possible by providing, or paying for, school uniforms, including shoes and socks, text books, stationery packs (specific to each child’s year level) and all other required equipment such as calculators and headphones. We also supply school bags, swim packs, lunch boxes and water bottles and pay resource levies (e.g. for computer access) and sports fees so that the children do not miss out on these important activities.  Our intervention means they arrive at school in the right uniform and with the same books and equipment as their new classmates, maximizing their chances of successfully resuming their education. Zephyr is currently supporting the educational needs of children in 48 domestic violence shelters throughout Queensland. We are also supporting children in all of the seven shelters operating in Tasmania.

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          $2,040 of $2,000 target

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          $5,335 of $5,000 target

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